Saturday, May 26, 2012


Next month, I am putting my camera down and going back to the Amazon for the sole purpose of translating [new fact: I speak Portuguese!].  

I have volunteered to translate for a group of surgeons and medical professionals (maxillofacial and pediatric) from Bend, Oregon and Atlanta, Georgia.  My job and role on this team is very important to ensure that the people of the Amazon receive proper medical care; a doctor NEEDS to communicate with his/her patient.  We will be traveling down the Amazon River on a medical boat and doing what we can to meet the medical needs of those we encounter.  The doctors will also be working along side natives and training them in surgical procedures.  

Did you know that the Amazon (Brazil) is 1,583,000 square miles?*  That is HUGE, and villages are spread out all over.  If it weren't for this medical boat, which travels up and down the river, most of the year, the indigenous would travel days by dug out canoes to receive medical care, and often never receive help.  

This trip is June 15-25th, 2012.  

I still need to raise $925.00 to help cover the cost of this trip.  To help raise money, I put together a gallery with images from my last trip to the Amazon.  Please consider purchasing a print.  100% of proceeds will go towards this trip.  If you would like to donate separately please email me at and put "Amazon" in the subject line.  

Thank you so much for reading!  Check out the photos!!!

GALLERY:  The Amazon

This trip is facilitiated by World Hope Missions Ministry in Longwood, FL

*fact from

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shelby and Collin::Engagement [blk & wh]

[i love black and whites]

Shelby and Collin::Engagement [color]

April 16th was a wild day.  teeth cleaning. lease signing. moving houses. packing for chicago. and, an engagement shoot.  The rain was on and off, but we had a wonderful 1.5 hour shoot without much past a drizzle.  Right as we got in our cars, after the shoot, it started to downpour.  I love those perfect timing moments.  This shoot was full of those.  Shelby and Collin are so in love.  Their love is good.


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