Thursday, November 10, 2011


Dearest Friends and Family,

I write to you on behalf of the woman who walked 7 miles for a cup of rice and a cup of beans, on behalf of the babies who measured to have severe malnutrition, on behalf of the elderly who can hardly walk because they are so frail, on behalf of the men who have lost their way of life: their cattle, and therefore, their dignity, on behalf of the village chief who showed us the graves of several of his people who have already died, and on behalf of my heart, which is aching for the people of Turkana.

November 15th will be my 24th birthday, and there wouldn't be anything that would bring me more joy than YOU partnering with ME in this Turkana Challenge. My goal, with YOUR help, is to raise $2,400 by November 15th! To some of us, this number is overwhelming, and to others, it might be pocketchange. Either way, every penny counts (LITERALLY).

If your heart is stirred by this video please visit: and educate yourself about the situation in the horn of Africa.

And, if your heart is super stirred you can donate ANY amount here:

After working with World Relief for a year now, I can assure you that your money will be used directly for the Turkana. World Relief is NOT ONLY helping people from dying this very minute, BUT they are also very concerned with LONG TERM GOALS so that the dignity of the Turkana is restored and that they will no longer be dependent on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

So, maybe you can't donate. That's okay! Do me the BIGGEST GRANDEST birthday favor and 1) share this video with friends, and 2) APPRECIATE every piece of food on your plate.

If you donate, send me an email to and I will be SO HAPPY to make you a personalized, homemade THANK YOU card and send you a 5x7 photo from Turkana, your choice!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Bono's non-profit, One, is stepping in to help famine (and featured one of Thomas' photos), check it out! And, if you haven't looked through our flickr sets yet of our photos from Turkana, Kenya, they are a MUST SEE!


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