Monday, September 28, 2009

matthew santos.

Thanks to a high school friend, Kent, I was able to photograph at the Chicago House of Blues a few weeks ago for Matthew Santos. -more portfolio building- I really haven't done any bands/musicians at it was interesting, but I LOVED IT! I'm really pleased with the photos as well. I've started shooting in RAW, which makes a huge difference.

Check out Matthew Santos at:

he's real good. you can also be a trooper and buy his stuff on itunes. support the art.

oh, baby.

I finally finished up some "work" photography and am now getting around to the "fun" photography. I've been trying to build my portfolio and am looking for newborns and prego women! Let me know if anyone has recommendations. Here's a beautiful baby that I was able to photograph earlier this month.....

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Please visit this online gallery for a look at the Italia: a Journey Abroad Exhibit. Prints can be ordered at reasonable prices and all proceeds go to Saints Equipped to Evangelize.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Andrea and Laura came with me on a quick shoot today and we stopped at M.M.P. They are beautiful girls. I love my new cam. God is so good in His provision!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Italy Exibit!

Tonight was the official opening of Italia: a Journey Abroad. It went so well and was really relaxing/enjoyable/comfortable, etc. I felt so blessed to have all my close friends there and even some family. Everyone was so sweet and supportive. THANKS! If you couldn't make will be up for a year (as of right now), so stop in the Crowell Library at any time!

Exhibit night highlights:
-accordion, so random, but so pleasant.
-fresh fruit
-Pumpkin spice Argo Tea
-delicious cakes
-fondue and jam session afterward!

perfect friends. thanks for coming!

we love ze accordion....

Check out the photos on the wall! They look amazing matted and in frames...

Behind the scenes women; thanks Amy and Bethany!

Photographers! HIRE US! :)

Roy & Andy. I think a tear shed from Roy's eye while I was speaking, what a cute dad-i-o.

girlies. thanks for coming!


the lovely accordion

eating in the library.....distracting Josue from his job.

moo fun.

Andrea had a great idea to take various moo card pics tonight at the exhibit. I loved it....hopefully something will come of's a great idea for a shoot. Definitely a great moo card/business advertisement.

Friday, September 18, 2009


McCormick Bridgehouse and Chicago River Museum
Great view of Michigan Ave
Modern looking
very straightforward
20 min walk through tops
go if you like bridges, or want to learn more about Chicago's fantastico history.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Ryan's website is up! Ryan Rendleman was a photojournalist who died in April of 2008. He was actually the youngest photojournalist to die in the USA on the job. There is even a memorial for him in Washington D.C.! Ryan's amazing brother, Nick, typed up Ryan's journals and made them, along with all of Ryan's works, available for us to see online! The website is:
CHECK IT OUT! His journals are so inspiring, intriguing, and passionate. Ryan, after 6 years of self-satisfying and searching, actually gave his life to the Lord. His testimony is so wonderful.

We aren't promised tomorrow, step out in faith today.

blog title: ryan always used to try and be funny by saying sentences in one breath without breaks in the "hihowareya."

Saturday, September 12, 2009

work flow...

1. I think I finally figured out why the coloring has always been so distorted on Blogger....because I'm always uploading low res versions of the images. I just realized the the color is pretty good in the "Riley" post...and those were almost full res images. Sorry folks, now I know for future.

2. I'm now on my third avenue for a website...and I think this one is a keeper. Keep posted for updates on the finished site! Until then...this lovely blog will suffice.

3. My Italy exhibit is ready!!!!!!! This will be posted on Monday:

The Crowell Library is proud to unveil a new art exhibit entitled Italia: A Journey Abroad, which showcases the photography of Marianne Bach.

Please join us under the skylight Monday, September 21, 2009 at 6:30PM to hear Marianne speak about the exhibit, to hear some music, and to enjoy some refreshments.

Photography by Mary Glass and Jake Schnake will also be shown.

Bohr continued.


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