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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

World Relief 1000 Villages: Congo

Honored to contribute to the footage of this amazing video. Edited by Jerod Wanner.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Naming the World: Uganda

Uganda has faced drastic hardship and suffering for the past 40 years.  Through the power of God, change and transformation is happening.  

This week I turn 25!  

For my 25th birthday, I am raising support for a media missions trip to Uganda.  I believe that each of us have been given gifts to greatly impact the world around us.  Over three weeks, through my gifts of photography and videography, I will be working alongside the local churches in Soroti, Obulle, Pampa, and Achelle. Capturing stories of hope and transformation, will help to educate, inspire, influence, liberate, edify, and encourage.  Please check out the video above and visit my donation site:  
Share this link with friends and please email me if you have any questions!  

THANKS! x's and o's -Marianne

Friday, November 9, 2012

[twins] Samantha & Taylor

These lovely ladies, Samantha and Taylor, are blessed to share their lives together, as twins.  I met them this past summer on a trip to Nicaragua, and was able to take their senior pictures on a recent trip to Chicago.  It was cold, very cold.  We took refuge at Starbucks, and I captured these images there.  You can always make the most of your circumstances.

Monday, September 24, 2012

La Chureca, an Opportunity!

Sevenly is partnering with Forward Edge International this week.  This means that when you purchase a shirt from Sevenly, the proceeds will be donated to the work Forward Edge is doing in La Chureca, Nicaragua.  I was there a year ago gathering this story with two other amazing photographers/videographers.  If you have never heard about what happens within this 70-acre garbage dump, I would encourage you to watch this video.

Here's an exert from my time there:
"Yesterday, we had our first visit to La Chureca, the dump, in Managua, Nicaragua. It was incredibly heart breaking. As we drove into the dump area, there was a woman, dressed as a prostitute might, with heavy makeup, on the side of the road, and walking while huffing glue. Getting closer, you see the massive mound of garbage, which is said to be only 15% of what it used to be. The smell was unreal; nasty burning and sewage mixed and blended to make your nose cringe. I've seen a lot, and this is definitely something new for me. Large trucks were weaving in and out as little boys played soccer at the base of the trash "mountain." Men were out picking through trash or in their homes while drunk, high, or hiding behind sins of rape and molestation. And, children were heard laughing and giggling through the community, most likely as a result to huffing." 

Posts while there:  POST 1  POST 2  POST 3

Babcock Family, Grenoble, France

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jesse and Katie :: Wedding Highlight

Hope Kenya | Transforming Community Together

It's not often that a photographer/videographer has the opportunity to see the direct results of their efforts.  This is one of those times, one of those empowering moments.  A year ago, I was in Turkana, Kenya, with World Relief, capturing the stories of a community without food and water.  At this time, the media attention was completely on the famine in Somalia.  The effects of the drought in Northern Kenya had yet to be mentioned or covered.  

In Turkana, women were losing hope of their children surviving and men, as pastoralists, had lost their livelihoods.  They were a desperate people.  

I would consider myself the "glass is half-full" type, but even I couldn't begin to imagine how any photo, video, story, or amount of money could make a lick of difference in Turkana.  While there, we had even found ourselves rationing our last granola bar between 8 people and treating each sip of water as if it could be our last.  There was no 7-Eleven to stop at.  We were in the middle of a desert and a 3- day drive from any developed city.

  World Relief spent this last year fighting hard for the Turkana people and many other organizations have stood strong alongside them.  A community from Wheaton, IL just recently traveled to Turkana and captured an incredible update to the work that is being done there.  Change is happening.  I am privileged and honored to share this video with you.  

The Turkana are now growing watermelon in a land that had no water.  Today, have hope.


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